Spring Planter - Golden

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The floral silhouette of the Spring Pot is an invitation to add a sense of lightness to your home. This pot celebrates the perpetual renewal and transformation of nature throughout the year.


This pot comes in a new finish called Speckle.  Speckle is a thinner and more subtle terrazzo that will add a delicate texture to any home decor.


The Spring Pot is perfect for enhancing the look of an Alocasia by showing up its long stems or a Sansevieria by magnifying its foliage.


All Capra Designs' planters are designed with a tray so that you can pot directly into the planter and know that your plant is still experiencing proper drainage.


Designed in Australia. Hand crafted from resin.


Tray Size:

Height: 5cm
Inside Diameter: 11.4cm
Outside Diameter: 12.2cm

Pot Size:

Height: 12cm
Inside Diameter: 11cm at the narrowest point
Outside Diameter: 12.2cm at the narrowest point

Overall Size:

Height: 16cm
Width: 14cm
Flower Diameter: 19.2cm

Materials & Care

These planters are designed by Capra Designs in Australia and skilfully hand-made from resin in Vietnam.

Irregularities in colour and pattern of each finished product are evidence of the careful hand-made process.

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