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Olive Wood Honey Spoon

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A honey dipper is a utensil used to drizzle honey in tea or on bread.

Straight from nature, the natural shapes and slow-grown designs inherent to our olivewood kitchenware elevate prep work and create a statement when used to serve and display.

  • 5.6" | 15cm


    • Food safe
    • Do not put olivewood in the dishwasher
    • Do not soak in water
    • Hand wash with mild detergent and warm water
    • Dry Immediately with a lint-free cloth
    • Oil with olive oil once a month, or once a week if used frequently
    • Handmade
    • Material: Olivewood
    • Completely natural
    • Made in Tunisia

    Use and Care:

    • Quick and extreme changes in temperature could cause thermal shock causing your stoneware to crack.

    • Do not preheat stoneware and do not place wet stoneware in the oven.

    • Do not use on the grill

    • Do not place dense, frozen food items on Stoneware.

    • Do not place hot stoneware directly on a cold surface as it may cause cracks, use trivet or a towel and let it cool down to avoid such cracks.

    •The use of sharp utensils may leave slight scratches. A few options can help you remove them; rub your dishes using a good scrubber with baking soda, cream of tartare or a scouring powder (Bar Keepers Friend) with water.

    •Disclaimer: Gharyan's products are handmade by ceramists, one at a time. As such, they're all unique in their own ways and you might spot a small fingerprint on the base, or the imprint of the grid onto which they were placed when fired. Please note that these are the mark of true craftsmanship.