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Panissa Chess Set

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This chess set features minimalist turned-wood chess pieces that evoke modern sculptures. Subtle details are employed to identify the various pieces: a diagonal slice on the oval-shaped Bishop suggests a liturgical headpiece; two deep grooves create castle turrets for the cylindrical Rook; the Knight’s arched lines follow the shape of a horse’s head. The foldable wooden chess board with magnetic closure is designed for easy storage of the pieces, which are contained in two cloth bags. Made of sustainably grown rubberwood. For ages 8+. The board measures 2.5h x 15.75w x 15.75"d (open) and 5h x 15.75w x 7.8"d (closed).

  • Designer
    Panisa Khunprasert
  • Size
    Board Open: 2.5h x 15.75w x 15.75"d
    Board Closed: 5h x 15.75w x 7.8"d
  • Materials
  • Year of Design
  • Origin